cautiously optimistic (lunapluvia) wrote in 4tune_cookies,
cautiously optimistic

First post

I was thinking about making a community *exactly* like this, so I decided to search and see if there was already one made. Low and behold, I find this gem of a community.

You find beauty in ordinary things. Do not lose this ability.
True love stories never have endings.
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Those are good fortunes.

Welcome to the community.
:) Thanks. The second one actually came from an episode of Veronica Mars, but it was from a fortune cookie.
Somehow the original purpose of the community seems to have been lost in recent posts (providing translations of the fortunes into other languages.) So:

Vi trovas belon en ordinaraj aferoj. Ne perdu tiun kapablon.

Veraj amrakontoj neniam havas finaĵojn.
Ni estas hejme nun kaj esperas fari pli bone :)